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Ste's album...

スティのアルバムはもうほとんど完成している事を取り急ぎみなさんにお知らせします。もうレコーディングは終わっており、クリスマスから新年にかけてリバプールでRonnie O'Keefeと共にミキシング作業を仕上げることになるでしょう。

Just a quick note guys to let you know that Ste's album is very nearly finished.. the recording of it is complete and he will finish
the mixing process with Ronnie O'Keefe in Liverpool over Christmas & New Year..
Looks like the early part of 2005 will be an exciting time for Ste fans :) Keep checking back for news...

from Ste McNally Promo Team

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注*フィル・ソーナリーはBBと一緒にBack Here・Can't Sayなどの曲を作ったプロデューサー

hey it's me christian.

hey guys, its me christian. sorry its been a while since i last posted! been very busy in the studio. its all going great, all ready cut the first four tracks for the record (that i need to think of a title) and i am very happy. just in the uk at the moment working with phil thornally in my studio up north, got some new tunes on the boil!

been great to be back home to catch up with all my family and friends. well i have to go now and tidy up my studio cos its a complete mess, guitars, cables and xbox controllers all over the floor! lol

shouldnt be that long untill i get the proper website up and running, i can start to post some pics too!

cant wait to see you guys when i get back out on the road next year.

gud bi


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Closure of the BBMak PO Box

Please note that the box is, as of now, temporarily closed - new arrangements will be in place in the new year - stay tuned for more info.

from BBMak's Loyal Fans

Mark's birthday

10月26日はマークの26回目のお誕生日。今年もUK Promo Teamがお祝いのメッセージを集めてくれています。


Mark Barry FC
PO Box 13696
EH21 7YQ

from Mark Barry Promo Team

Ste news



彼はこの数週間のうちにスタジオに戻っています...初めにリヴァプールでRonnie O'Keefeと`Alive' を仕上げ、その後、ごく最近Didoとも一緒に仕事していたPhil Bodgerと一緒に4つのトラックを完成させるため、ロンドンに向かいました。

また10/5に彼はロンドンのDorchester HotelのGrand Ballroomで行われたBMI(Broadcast Music Incorporated)のアワードで`Out Of My Heart' による賞を受け取りました。これはヨーロッパの(ソング)ライターとしてUSでの彼の成功を認めることであり、このことはまさに私たちにもたらされた贈り物でした。今週スティはオーバーダブやラフミックスを行うためフランスに戻るようです。



Quick round up of everything that's been happening with Ste recently!

First off - as most of you will know by now, Ste did indeed get married recently and he'd like to thank all his fans for their support and well wishes.

He's been back in the studio in recent weeks.. Firstly finishing `Alive' with Ronnie O'Keefe in Liverpool before heading to London to wrap 4 tracks with Phil Bodger who counts Dido amongst his most recent clients.

On October 5th he collected an award for `Out Of My Heart' at London's Dorchester Hotel from the BMI, this was to acknowledge his success in the US as a European writer. Which brings us right up to the present and this week finds him back in France doing overdubs and rough mixes..

Everything's moving in the right direction, marriage won't keep Ste off the road, and as soon as he has things sorted he hopes to be out and about performing his new material.

More news and when it comes through.

from Ste McNally Promo Team

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やあみんな、僕は今ニューヨークだよ。全部順調に進んでる...ちょうど今はcurt frascaと一緒にスタジオにいるよ、今のところ彼と一緒に2曲作った..."never to now" ていう曲と(大きく息を吸って)"the greatest escape the world has ever seen"ていう曲。どっちも最高だよ!!すぐにロスへ出発するんだ、そこでいくつかレコーディングするために...また書き込みするね。

hey guys, i am in NYC, it's all going great... just in the studio with curt frasca, 2 songs with him for now... one is called "never to now" and the other one is called "the greatest escape the world has ever seen" (takes a deep breath) and they are both sounding wicked!!! off to LA soon to do some recording out there... i will keep you posted.


christian x

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スティは昨夜Ronnie O'Keefeと 'Alive' を仕上げるためリヴァプールにいました。そして今ちょうどDidoのミキシングを仕上げたばかりのPhil Bodgerと一緒に仕事するため彼はロンドンに行きます。そして彼らは一緒に4つのタイトルを完成させるでしょう。

Ste was in Liverpool last night finishing 'Alive' with Ronnie O'Keefe and that he will be in London working with Phil Bodger, who is just completing mixing Dido at the moment, and they will be wrapping four titles together...

from Official UK Promo Team

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彼らは二人とも元気にしてるよ、僕みたいに自分自身の音楽に取り組んでいて。どれも最高だった(試聴させてもらったんだ)。ああそれから、スティは今は結婚しているよ!僕らは彼の結婚式で素晴らしい時間を過ごしたよ、夜会の最後にはスティまでステージに上がって、ビートルズのトリビュートバンド" the cheatles(cheat=いんちきの意。)"と一緒に"ヘイ・ジュード"を歌ったんだ(笑)素晴らしい一日だったよ!





Hey, long time no speak!! Sorry guys I have been a very busy bee, working my *** off in the studio in the UK and in the USA..... After we split up i just made a decision to get my head down and start writing for my solo career and here i am nearly two years later having written about 40 songs. i am coming to NY on the 13th of August to start recording my album, i am very excited about my new venture and i hope that you guys enjoy my new sound as much as i have enjoyed creating it. sorry it's been i while guys!! hope to have the record ready for release next spring/summer.

I am still very much in contact with Mark and Ste, in fact they both came round to my house the other night and we had a few drinks and reminisced about all the good times we had in BBMak. it was a good night that left a few bad heads in the morning!

They are both doing great, working on their own music like me, it's all sounding fantastic ( I have had a sneak preview), oh and Ste is married now! We had a great time at his wedding, Ste even got up on the stage at the end of the evening and sang "hey Jude" with the beatles tribute band " the cheatles" lol. was a great day!

Oh my hair.... Ha ha, you guys seem to talk about it a lot!!! It's funny. At the moment my hair is green like Kermit, sorry just kidding, I just shaved all my hair off about a month ago... it was very long and annoying so I decided to whizz it off! It's now very short (about number 4) and jet black!

but IT'S JUST HAIR, it will grow back! lol

Anyway guys, I will try and get some pics posted on here pretty soon and will keep you updated on what I have been up to!

It's nice to be back.

Christian x

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ところでクリスに、'Love Wrecked' という今度公開される映画への出演依頼がありました。しかし代わりにアルバムのレコーディングに専念することを希望して、その役を断ったそうです。

スティに関しても、順調に事が進んでいます - 彼はすでに10曲のミキシングをちょうど終えたところで、フランスから戻ってきており、最近はロンドンでAndy Partridgeと仕事をしています。リリースは夏の終わりか秋の初めの予定で進めています。

There's been no update on Christian recently due to the fact he's on a well deserved holiday. I have been promised one on his return though, so watch this space!

There were rumours that he'd been offered a part in an upcoming movie called 'Love Wrecked' - these rumours are true however, Christian turned down the part preferring to concentrate on recording his album instead.

As for Ste, things are moving along nicely - he has ten tracks ready to be mixed.. this is being finalised at the moment. He's home from France and currently working in London with Andy Partridge. He should be good to go late summer/early autumn...

from Official UK Promo Team


7月4日はスティの26歳のお誕生日ですが、今年もpromo teamを通じ、バースデーメッセージの募集を行っています。

Ste McNally FC
PO Box 13696
EH21 7YQ

e-mailでも受け付けています。メールで送る場合はこちらへ → bbmakgirl_uk@yahoo.com

from Ste McNally Promo Team



 Time of My Life
 Let It All Out
 Time is Running Out
 Angels Over
 Catch it if You Can
 What A Day
 She and Me
 When the Rain Came
 Let Go

またBBMAKの時、IYHレコーディングやJAPANツアーでドラムを担当していたAshley Soanがスティのレコーディングに参加するそうです。

from Ste McNally Promo Team



みんなもよく知っている通り、bb makはもうないけど、でも僕は彼らと今でもgreat friendsのままだよ。僕らは今お互い離れてそれぞれのことをしてる。バンドにいたことは僕にとって素晴らしい時間だった、ただ変化の時が来たと思うんだ。

それで、僕のニューアルバムについては...いい感じに進んでいるよ。僕はアルバム用のデモを作るためにちょうど今LAにいるんだ。僕はここでMatthew Gerrard、Bob Thiele、Jimmy Harry、Curt Frascaやその他数人と一緒に仕事をしてる。1ヶ月そこら過ごしたNYでも特にPeter Zizzo、John Hampson、DiffuserのTomas、Billy Mann、Jay Levene、Johnny Mostと一緒に仕事をしていたよ。





Hi guy's, just thought I would give you guys an update as to what is going on with me.....

Well as you know, bb mak are no more, although I remain great friends with the boys, we are all off doing our own thing now. Being in the band was an amazing time for me, just think it was time for a change.

well, as for my new album.... it's coming along great, i am just in LA at the moment working on demo's for it. i have been working with Matthew Gerrard, Bob Thiele, Jimmy Harry, Curt Frasca and a few others here in LA, i also spent a month or so in NY working with Peter Zizzo, John Hampson, Tomas from Diffuser, Billy Mann, Jay Levene and Johnny Most among others.

Can't wait to share some new music with you soon! Hoping to release the album early next year on Hollywood Records.

Oh well, off to bed for me now cos I have got to be up very early. I will keep you posted on more news as and when I get it!

Best wishes,



from Christian Burns Promo Team



04/3/3    Q.1〜4・15・16の訳

04/3/17  Q.5〜9までの訳 追加 
04/3/29  Q.10〜14までの訳 追加 


from Official UK Promo Team



私たちはこの間にあなたたちに最新情報を伝え続けるために最善を尽くします--クリスはエキサイティングないくつかの事を計画しています。それらにはファンが彼と交流ができるものも含まれているでしょう・・・そして私は多分、ハローを言いに、そして何をしていたか秘密情報をあなたたちに伝えるために、彼はまたHR MBに突然現れると思います。


Having been authorised to post news for Christian and his new management, I can now let you know that Christian is off to the US next week.. first stop is the East Coast.. he'll be in New York before heading to the West Coast where he'll be writing and recording his new album for Hollywood Records during April/May.

We'll be doing our best to keep you updated during this time - Christian has some exciting ventures up his sleeve, one of which will allow his fans to interact with him... and I daresay he'll be popping up on the HR messageboard now and again to say hi and give you the personal lowdown on what he's up to :)

from Christian Burns Promo Team


the Liverpool Echo紙によって伝えられたところによると、リアル・ピープルは今年後半にニューアルバムをリリースします。アルバムにどの曲を使うかは明確にされていませんが、IYHでスティがリアル・ピープルと共同で作った歌を気に入ったファンなら、スティの曲が何曲かカットされる事を願うべきです。


    IYHではOut of My Heart・I Still Believe・The Beginningなどの曲をBBMAKと一緒に作っています。


Some Ste related news, it was mentioned in the Liverpool Echo that The Real People are to release a new album later this year. There's nothing concrete on which songs the band will use for their album, but fans who enjoyed the songs Ste co-wrote with the Realies for IYH should keep their fingers crossed that a couple of Ste's songs might make the cut. Ste has written about 12 songs in total with the Griffiths brothers (including the ones on IYH), and there's a possibility that some of the newer songs not as yet available could end up being released by either the Realies or Ste.

Further info will be passed on when available.....

from Ste McNally Promo Team






Christian re-signs with Hollywood Records

Can confirm today that what was previously 'just a rumour' is now indeed fact, and Hollywood Records will be the new home for the music of Christian Burns - solo artist.

I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing Christian the very best of luck with his new deal. I know there's loads of fans out there who can't wait to hear his new material.. so expect further info to be released in the near future :)

Those wishing official news on Christian should register for his newsletter on the Hollywood Records site and note that BBMak is no longer an option there.

from Christian Burns Promo Team




Things are gaining speed! Ste will begin recording his album in France at the beginning of March... and it's hoped the process will be complete early June - more news as and when it arrives :)

from Ste McNally Promo Team


彼はColdplayやKeaneと一緒に仕事をしたことのあるJames Sangerと一緒に仕事をするため近々フランスへ行きます。そのあと彼は以前The Corrsと一緒に仕事をしたことがあり、また数ある中でもNatalie Imbruglia、KD Lang、Paul YoungそしてDavid McAlmontによって曲をレコーディングされたこともあるBoo Hewerdineと共に仕事をするためロンドンに戻ります。



He's off to France v. soon to work with a guy called James Sanger, who's worked with Coldplay and Keane. Then he's back to London to work with Boo Hewerdine who's worked previously with The Corrs and has had his material recorded by Natalie Imbruglia, KD Lang, Paul Young and David McAlmont amongst others.

He's also going to be doing some work with the guitarist from Texas... so it's all good!!

from Ste McNally Promo Team

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Thankyou So Much

hey, just wanted to say thanks to you all for all my birthday wishes!! i got them off mike, ste's bro and also read some on this site! nice one.
i don't feel old yet! i hope to have some exciting news to share with you all soon..... watch this space


Christian xxxx (aged 30, from Wigan)

Posted by: burnsy58 (5:30AM PST, Jan 19, 2004)

2003年のnews >>>>>


sympathy wiz BBMAK